Governing Documents



The Academy of Sanitarians' primary governing document is its Constitution which was last updated in 2006.  The Constitution provides the legal name and purpose and objectives of the organization.  It also stipulates the membership criteria, board of directors, officers and election of directors.  It includes administrative information on the finances and management of the organization.



The Bylaws of the Academy of Sanitarians provide more detail about the management and operation of the organizaiton.  Included in the Bylaws are detailed instructions for the annual meeting, board meetings, elections, voting, and duties of the officers.  The organization’s committees and financial practices are also covered.  The Bylaws also stipulates the standards for Diplomates and Diplomate Laureates and the classes of membership in the Academy.

Proposed Bylaws of the American Academy of Sanitarians

June 2016 - Revised Constitution & Bylaws for Review

The following revisions to the AAS Constitution & Bylaws (revised 8/15/14 version) are proposed:

Article 6.8.5: I removed the sentence about board members being related to one another.  According to my records no one thought this was necessary.

Article 6.8.6: The second sentence regarding meetings being run by a majority of Board Members if the Chair and Chair-elect were both not present.  I think the Secretary should run the meeting and appoint someone else to take minutes as that makes more sense to me.  But, this can be discussed later. 

Article 11.1:  I added the statement "and those voting via e-mail".  This is in regard to voting on amendments and changes to the By-Laws. We do need to get with the times and allow electronic balloting, voting, etc. 

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