Register of Diplomates

2020 Register of Diplomates

The following individuals have attained special designation as indicated below:


Diplomate Laureate:  

The Laureate designation is open to all Diplomates in the American Academy of Sanitarians who have demonstrated continuing outstanding commitment, leadership and accomplishments in the Sanitarian Profession beyond the Diplomate selection criteria.

  1. Robert W. Powitz    
  2. Trenton G. Davis   
  3. James J. Balsamo, Jr.     
  4. Larry J. Gordon    
  5. James D. Dingman    
  6. Gary P. Noonan
  7. Herman Koren
  8. Michele Samarya-Timm 
  9. Vincent J. Radke
  10. Welford C. Roberts
  11. Francis C. Hart


Diplomate Emeritus:    

The Emeritus designation is reserved for the Diplomates who as determined by the Board of Directors have contributed to the Academy above and beyond the normal call of duty.       

1. James W. Pees    
2. John G. Todd    
3. F. Oris Blackwell    
4. V. Harry Adrounie    
5. Larry J. Gordon   
6. Geswaldo A. Verrone    
7. Jack B. Hatlen    
8. Jerrold M. Michael    
9. Richard F. Clapp   
10. Webster Young, Jr.    
11. George A. Kupfer    
12. Joseph E. Beck

Diplomate Honorary:

The Honorary designation is reserved for those individuals who do not meet the selection criteria but who demonstrated extremely significant contributions to the field of Environmental Health. 

1. Eric W. Foskett    
2. Donald Vesley    
3. Nelson Fabian    
4. Frank L. Bryan    
5. Nina McClellen  
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