AAS Administration

Board of Directors

COL Wendell A. Moore, USA (Ret.) MS, RS/REHS, DAAS (Chairman)
(Second Term Expires 7/20)



CAPT Gary P. Noonan, USPHS (Ret.), MPA, RS, DLAAS (Executive Secretary-Treasurer)

(Term Expires 7/20)


Board Members

James Balsamo, RS, MS, MPH, MHA, DLAAS

(Second Term; Expires 7/21)

Eric Bradley, MS, REHS, DAAS

(First Term ;Expires 7/22)

Brian Collins, MS, REHS, DAAS
(Second Term; Expires 7/20)

CAPT Bruce Etchison, USPHS (Ret.), RS, DAAS
(First Term; Expires 7/20)

Jason Finley REHS, DAAS
(First Term; Expires 7/22)

Carolyn Harvey, PhD, RS, DAAS, CIH, CHMM

(Second Term; Expires 7/22)

Robert Powitz, PhD,RS, DLAAS

(First Term : Expires 7/22)

Sheila Pressley, DrPH, REHS/RS, DAAS, CPH, HHS
(Second Term; Expires 7/20)

* Terms end with the conclusion of the annual AAS Business Meeting.

Committee Chairs

CAPT Bruce Etchison, USPHS (Ret.), RS, DAAS

Bylaws Committee

Michéle Samarya-Timm, MA, HO, MCHES, REHS, DLAAS

Membership,Credentialing and Marketing Committees

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