AAS Awards

Davis Calvin Wagner Sanitarian Award

The Davis Calvin Wagner Sanitarian Award represents the highest honor the American Academy of Sanitarians bestows upon a Diplomate. The Award is conferred for exceptional leadership ability, professional commitment, outstanding resourcefulness, dedication and accomplishments in advancing the Sanitarian profession and public health programs. The awards consists of an individual plaque and a perpetual plaque that is displayed in the NEHA office lobby.

Wagner nominations are due by May 15, 2023.   

Please contact the 2023 Awards Committee Chair, Diplomate Wendy Fanaselle for more information. 

Current Davis Calvin Wagner Sanitarian Award Recipient


2023 – Dr. Wendell A. Moore, COL, USA (Retired) (program)


Previous Davis Calvin Wagner Sanitarian Award Recipients

2022 - CAPT Charles S Otto, III (Ret.) (program)

2021 - No Award Presented

2020  Dr. Sheila Davidson Pressley (program

2019 – CAPT Michael Welch (program)

2018  Dr. Herman (Hank) Koren (program)

2017 – CAPT John P. Sarisky (Ret.) ( program)

2016 – CAPT Wendy L. Fanaselle (program)

2015 – CAPT Jeffery J. Smith (program)

2014 – Brian K. Collins (program)

2013 – Stephen R. Tackitt  (program
2012 – No Award Presented 
2011 – CAPT Craig A. Shepherd (Ret.)  (program)
2010 – CAPT Thomas E. Crow (Ret.)   (program)
2009 – George M. Nakamura 
2008 – No Award Presented 
2007 – Harry E. Grenawitzke 
2006 – Joseph E. Beck 
2005 – Dr. Ginger L. Gist 
2004 – Gary E. Coleman 
2003 – No Award Presented 
2002 – Dr. Welford C. Roberts (program
2001 – James J. Balsamo Jr. 
2000 – CAPT Gary P. Noonan (program)  
1999 – COL Anthony Aiken 
1998 – No Award Presented 
1997 – Dr. Franklin Carver (program)
1996 – Dr. Robert W. Powitz (program
1995 – RADM Webster Young Jr. 
1994 – No Award Presented 
1993 – Charles Dee Clingman 
1992 – CAPT Bruce R. Chelikowsky (program)
1991 – Worley Johnson, Jr. 
1990 – George A. Kupfer 
1989 – No Award Presented 
1988 – CAPT Dale H. Treusdell  
1987 – Richard A. Moats 
1986 – No Award Presented 
1985 – CAPT Geswaldo A. Verrone, DrPH
1984 – Larry J. Gordon (acceptance comments)
1983 – RADM John G. Todd , DrPH
1982 – John P. Nordin 
1981 – Richard L. Roberts  

American Academy of Sanitarians/National Environmental Health Association Scholarship Award

The Academy in conjunction with the National Environmental Health Association awards annual educational scholarships to exceptional undergraduate and graduate students pursuing a career in environmental health. Details on the scholarship are available on the NEHA Website.

For more information contact:
James J. Balsamo, Jr., Chair AAS Scholarship Committee
Director of Environmental Health & Safety
Tulane University -TW16
1430 Tulane Ave.
New Orleans, LA 70112
Phone: (504) 988-5486
Phone: (504) 988-2872
FAX: (504) 988-5590
Email: jbalsam@tulane.edu

Samuel J. Crumbine Award

The Crumbine Award, sponsored by the Conference for Food Protection, is a prestigious national award given annually to local environmental Health jurisdictions who demonstrate excellence and continual improvement in a comprehensive food protection program. The purpose of the award is to encourage improvement and stimulate public interest in foodservice sanitation. The award is named in honor of Dr. Samuel J. Crumbine (1862 – 1954), a sanitarian-physician and public health pioneer who was renowned for his innovative methods of improving public health protection. More information on the Crumbine Award, including a list of previous winners and their nomination packages, is available at www.crumbineaward.com.

Crumbine Award sponsors include:

  • American Academy of Sanitarians
  • American Public Health Association
  • Association of Food and Drug Officials
  • Foodservice Packaging Institute
  • International Association for Food Protection
  • National Association of County & City Health Officials
  • National Environmental Health Association
  • National Restaurant Association Solutions
  • NSF International
  • Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.


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