Larry J. Gordon Papers - 1950-1959

A collection of information of papers published by one of the Academy’s Founding Members and selected material from his professional archives. This listing includes details about the papers published during this decade.

Year Title Location Description Keywords
1959 City Health Dept. Wins High National Honors Feature article in Albuquerque Journal Lists reason the Albuquerque Health Department wins a special Samuel J. Crumbine Jury Citation for outstanding achievement in both food and environmental sanitation. Outstanding achievement, environmental sanitation, food sanitation, pure food control, swimming pool sanitation, vending machines, housing, water, food processing, industrial hygiene, milk sanitation
1959 Gordon Named As Candidate for High Award Article in Albuquerque Journal State Health Director nominates Gordon for the Sippy Award of Western Branch, American Public Health Association. Distinguished contribution, housing program, housing conservation and rehabilitation, Crumbine Award
1959 Here’s to Your Health Albuquerque, New Mexico Publication developed and widely distributed by the Albuquerque National Bank describing some of the 1959 activities of the Albuquerque Health Department, including food protection, meat inspection, milk sanitation, housing conservation and rehabilitation, air pollution control, safe drinking water, swimming pool sanitation and safety, food service training, pure food control and labeling, child care center licensing. Disease prevention, national awards, guardians of our city’s health, sanitarians, dedication, healthier environment
1956 Gordon to monitor fallout Albuquerque Journal News item announcing Gordon to serve in the U.S.Public Health Service as a radioactive fallout monitor. Radioactive, fallout, water, food, livestock, investigations, claims

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