Larry J. Gordon Papers - 1960-1969

A collection of information of papers published by one of the Academy’s Founding Members and selected material from his professional archives. This listing includes details about the papers published during this decade.

Year Title Location Description Keywords
Profile: Larry J. Gordon, MS, MPH Health Officers News Digest Article profiling Larry Gordon. Prophet, vision, ecology, air pollution, industrial hygiene, radiological health, pure food control, urban renewal, model cities, awards, Mangold Award. John J. Sippy Memorial Award, IAMFS Distinguished Service Award, environmental management
1969 Environmental Engineering — A Fable and a Challenge New Mexico Society of Professional Engineers; published in “The California Sanitarian” Vol. 7, No. 4, July/August 1969 Discusses the changing roles of sanitary engineers/public health engineers/environmental engineers and the continuing need for their involvement. Water supply, sewage treatment, insect control, changing technology, changing expectations, sanitarians, biologist, chemists, organizational shifts, design, planning, environmental degradation, mantle of leadership
1969 Environmentalists Must be Aggressive, Creative Western Branch, American Public Health Association, Oakland, CA. Published in Journal of Environmental Health, Vol. 32 No. 2, September/October 1969 Answers: “Why Environmental Health,” causes of environmental health problems, “Who Speaks for the Environment,” “What Must be Done,” “What Quality of Environment do you Want” Public concern and support, health, comfort, safety, well-being, environmental degradation, environmental crisis, morbidity, mortality, art of politics, ecological relationships, emerging problems, environmental quality, regulatory efforts, problem shed approach
1969 Is Health Planning Comprehensive? U.S. Mexico Border Public Health Association Discusses Comprehensive Health Planning and the lack of inclusion of environmental health. Health planning, health facilities, health services, academic exercise?, area wide, priorities, problem-sheds
1969 Journeying to Environmental Health Sanitarians Short Course, Montana State University, Bozeman Enumerates problems to be solved along the journey to environmental health. Program fragmentation, status quo, environmental management, consumer protection, regulatory activity, politics, environmental stresses, environmental ecology, multiple objectives, organization, leadership, public support, priorities, program methods
1969 Statement on the Quality of our Environment New Mexico Governor’s Conference on Air and Water Pollution; published in “New Mexico Wildlife,” July/August 1969 Keynote Address stating environmental quality beliefs for the guidance and action of the Governor, the legislature, the media and the public. Quality environment, pollution, technology, promulgation of standards, economic value of environmental quality, pollution control measures, fiscal commitment, conservation
1969 The Role of Local Health Officials in the Use of Pesticides U.S. Conference of Local Health Officials, Wash., DC Position paper prepared as guidance for local health officers regarding the use of pesticides. Manufacture, formulation, packaging, transportation, storage, sale, use, public health, conservation, benefit, harm, food supply, alternative measures, insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, rodenticides, nematocides, molluscides, fumigants, sympatology, hazards, legal requirements
1969 Unification for Action Needed for Environmental Management Conference on Man’s Health in a Changing Arctic Environment, College Alaska; published in Journal of Environmental Health, 1970 Recommendations for comprehensive environmental management. Goal, scope, multiple objectives, consumer protection, fragmented effort, research, demonstration, standards, regulations, enforcement, planning, public information, training, management information, surveillance, coordination, legislation, fiscal commitment, constituency, industry, consumers, educational institutions, advisory groups, citizen groups
1968 Comprehensive Health Planning and Consumer Food Protection Colorado Healthy Environment Conference Presentation indicating the importance and role of food protection planning as an integral component of comprehensive health planning. Program planning, comprehensive health planning, identifying problems, resources, goal, environmental health, fragmentation, program development
1968 Environmental Health Concept Wheel Program Guide, NM Environmental Services Division Four rotating wheels designed to indicate some of the concepts of environmental health practice. Stresses, factors, contact; health, safety, comfort, well-being
1968 Gordon’s Move A Surprise Albuquerque Journal Article News article announcing Larry Gordon’s resignations as Director, Albuquerque Environmental Health Department and accepting appointment as Director, New Mexico Environmental Services Division. Delegation, professionalism
1968 Health Chief Quits Albuquerque Journal Column announcing Gordons resignation form the City to take a similar post at the state level. Opportunity, improvement, recruitment, budgets, legislation, personnel, planning, priorities, national awards
1968 Relevance of the Environment to Health Planning American Medical Association, Miami Beach, FL Describes the desirable but largely non existent role of environmental health in Comprehensive Health Planning, and notes a few examples of good environmental health planning. Environmental services, planning, Area-Wide Comprehensive Health Planning, Public Health Service Environmental Health Planning Guide, Conference of Local Environmental Health Administrators, Governor’s Conference on Environmental Health Planning, P.L. 89-749, State Comprehensive Health Planning Council, Model Cities Program
1967 Comments on Environmental Health Programs of Metropolitan Areas Conference of Municipal Public Health Engineers, San Francisco. Published in Journal of Environmental Health, Vol. 30, No. 1, (July/August 1967) Suggests that environmental health agencies may be better supported and more effective separate from traditional health departments and cites reasons. Notes that traditional public health departments are part of the reason for fragmentation of environmental health into many other agencies. Environmental health departments, inter-agency coordination, caste system, housing, air pollution, food sanitation, milk sanitation, industrial hygiene, planning, building, public works, water supplies, zoning, sewage disposal, transportation, solid waste disposal, urban renewal
1965 City Health Dept. Captures Coveted National Award Albuquerque Journal News article announcing Crumbine Award winner and reasons for winning. Administered judicially, relationships, personnel training, Advisory Board, delegating authority, constructive publicity
1964 City Whiz Kid Albuquerque Journal column Column describing the reputation of Larry Gordon. Whiz kid, respect, attention, cooperation, sell sanitation, honors, memberships
1962 Critique of the USPHS Report of the Committee on Environmental Health Problems Washington, DC Letter criticizing the absence of Sanitarian involvement in the preparation or recommendations of the “Gross Report: The Report of the Committee on Environmental Health Problems.” Professional sanitarian, supervision, administration, research, education, public relations, demonstration, surveillance, Gross Report
1962 Gordon Awarded Sippy Award Journal of Environmental Health Lists accomplishments as reasons for Sippy Award. Recognition, contributions, science teacher, sanitarian, district sanitarian, state sanitarian, chief sanitarian, department director, food sanitation, child care centers, schools, boarding houses, hotels, radiation, occupational health, Crumbine Award, Mangold Award, Michigan School of Public Health, Delta Omega, Phi Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi, Special Consultant, Public Health Service, Food Sanitation Advisory Committee, Communicable Disease Center, Engineering Center, Governing Council APHA
1962 Gordon Helps Write Food Sanitation Book News article in Albuquerque Tribune Describes Gordon’s role in developing the revised USPHS Recommended Food Ordinance and Manual. Codes, food sanitation, customer protection, prevent disease, protect consumers, tourist attraction, good business
1962 Sanitarian University of New Mexico Alumnus Article describing many of the achievements and recognitions awarded Gordon. Sanitarian, honors, special assignments, radiological health, air pollution, additives, noise, chief sanitarian, city health director, consultant, Sippy Award, Crumbine Award, Mangold Award, student assistant, graduate assistant, BS, MS, MPH, top scholastic rank, Delta Omega, Phi Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi
1962 The General Environmental Health Problem U.S. Public Health Service Sanitary Engineering Center Discusses environmental health problems associated with burgeoning urban and suburban areas. Group action, public health problems, planning, prevention, financing, leadership, political process, public relations, jurisdictional prerogatives, personnel shortage, priorities, research, metropolitan dynamics
1961 Community Support – Public Relations Communicable Disease Center, Atlanta, GA; Also in several other locations Presentation at several CDC training courses. Includes practical recommendations for positive public relations and community support. Public relations, partnership with the public, media relations, audience, public relations methods, community support
1961 Gordon Wins PH Award Albuquerque Tribune Article announcing Gordon’s selection as 1961 recipient of the Walter S. Mangold for Outstanding Contributions to Professional Advancement of the Sanitarian. Mangold, sanitarian, leaders, environmental health
1960 City Health Director Gets Sandia Clearance Albuquerque Journal Article announcing Gordon’s appointment as a consultant to Sandia Laboratories. health-physics, security clearance, industrial hygiene, radiological health

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