Olson's Scientific Vocabulary

From the Forward: Dr. Theodore A. Olson’s “The Scientific Vocabulary” dictionary was a constant companion for the University of Minnesota’s environmental health graduate students during the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. For those of us who survived the rigors of biometry, epidemiology, the “topics” course (which consisted of a series of formal presentations), three “Plan B” papers and a dissertation, a good scientific vocabulary was an absolute necessity. The faculty would inculcate us with a sense of exactness in the way we presented the spoken and written word. We were expected to read scientific journals from other disciplines as part of our instruction. With exposure to each new discipline, we had to learn and understand its own and unique scientific language. In a small but important way, Dr. Olson dictionary made our academic passage a bit less imposing. Little did we realize its value until the rigors of scholarship demanded that we learn word roots to help with our own reading comprehension and writing proficiency.

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